We are pleased to sponsor the Electrode Placement and Functional Movement series presented by Dr. Lucinda Baker, Associate Professor at USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy. These videos provide comprehensive information on the preparation and use of electrodes for effective neurostimulation treatment. All electrodes used in the video presentation are PALS® neurostimulation electrodes. We trust these videos will assist your efforts in providing the most effective treatment to your patients.

DVDs can be ordered by contacting us. Chapter downloads, as well as the full DVD ISO file, are available for free offline viewing via the download links below.

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Application Instructions:

Before electrodes are placed you need to inspect the skin thoroughly to be certain that there are no small abrasions or openings. These openings would serve as pathway of current and will become very uncomfortable for your subject. If the skin is very hairy it may need to be shaved, but this should the day before the first stimulation session as shaving will cause points of irritation and this will cause your patient to be uncomfortable during the first stimulation session. An alternative to shaving the day before would be to use scissors to clip the hair as close to the skin as possible, being careful not to abrade the skin. Preparing the skin is a very important first step in preparation for electrical stimulation. You want to thoroughly clean the skin of any lotion, oils, makeup, and dead skin.

You're going to do that with water for most patients just using a towel, a wet towel, and cleaning the skin. Make sure the skin is dry before the electrodes are placed. Some individuals will require alcohol to properly clean the skin's surface, in which case make sure that the alcohol is thoroughly dried before the electrodes are placed. Place the electrodes in the predetermined location, making sure that your lead wires move away from the joint angles, and that your electrodes are smooth on the skin with no wrinkles. Then place your lead wires into your electrodes, being certain of your polarity. Once the system is set, turn the stimulator on and slowly advance the amplitude according to your patient's tolerance.