UltraStim® X

UltraStim® X electrodes are a brilliant blend of Axelgaard’s advanced manufacturing techniques and superior design to offer flexibility, durability, and economy. Axelgaard’s unique cutting-edge manufacturing process for UltraStim® X results in exceptional quality as well as exceptional value. This electrode features Axelgaard’s proprietary silver grid pattern, which is calculated precisely to control electrical current evenly over the surface of the electrode. UltraStim® X electrodes are made with Axelgaard’s patented multi-layer MultiStick® hydrogel, an industry proven leader with uncompromised adhesion and performance. Also, the oversize border featured on UltraStim® X electrodes was specially designed to facilitate ease of proper removal to further promote electrode durability.

Safety Data Sheet - SDS

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Available Size and Shape Options
USX2000Round ElectrodeRound2" (5cm)41040
USX2020Square ElectrodeSquare2"x2" (5x5cm)41040
USX2040Rectangle ElectrodeRectangle2"x4" (5x10cm)21020
USX2040-4Rectangle ElectrodeRectangle2"x4" (5x10cm)41040
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