We are pleased to sponsor the Electrode Placement and Functional Movement series presented by Dr. Lucinda Baker, Associate Professor at USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy. These videos provide comprehensive information on the preparation and use of electrodes for effective neurostimulation treatment. All electrodes used in the video presentation are PALS® neurostimulation electrodes. We trust these videos will assist your efforts in providing the most effective treatment to your patients.

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PULSE WIDTH: 300uSEC      HZ: 35      WAVEFORM: Asymmetric      STIMULATION GRADE: 3+/5
Application Instructions:

Electrode placement for power grasp, using dual channel stimulation. The medial condyle and the pisiform bone are marked with X's. The negative electrode of channel one is placed over the ulnar nerve just proximal to the pisiform bone. The positive electrode is connected with a dual leadwire electrode at the mid forearm. The negative electrode of channel two is placed over the extrinsic finger flexors.

The positive electrode for channel two is also connected to the dual leadwire electrode at the mid forearm. The stimulation of channel one results in metacarpal phalangeal flexion. Stimulation of channel two results in distal and proximal interphalangeal flexion. When the two channels are combined a power grasp occurs. This would be graded as a three plus out of five muscle contraction.