Product Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can the electrodes be used?

The number of uses depends entirely on the proper application, storage and care of the electrode by the user. The durability of electrodes depends on the adhesiveness of the gel, which is dependent on keeping the gel clean, hydrated and free from foreign debris.

Application: Before each use, the skin where the electrode will be applied must be cleaned with water and soap in order to remove any lotions, skin oils, make-up and dead skin. Any debris on the skin will be transferred to the gel of the electrode which will compromise the integrity of the gel's adhesiveness. A clean surface is the most important factor in the number of applications for an electrode.

Storage: After each use, the electrode must be returned to the "ON" side of the Mylar liner and placed in the original, resealable package to prevent loss of moisture. Electrodes should be stored at a temperature between 41.0°-80.6°F.

DO NOT: store in a freezer/refrigerator, leave in extreme heat, submerge in water, or leave outside of the package.

Care: After usage, if the electrode picks up small amounts of debris, you may use a drop of water on your finger to gently rub the debris off of the electrode. The most important part of electrode care is making sure that the electrode is placed on a clean surface each use.

DO NOT: use soap or alcohol, submerge in water, or scrub with abrasive material.

Are your electrodes disposable?

Yes. When electrodes show wear and tear, or are no longer comfortable for the patient, simply replace them with a new set.

Can electrodes be used by more than one patient?

To ensure proper hygiene, the FDA requires electrodes be labeled for single patient use. Our electrodes are intended for single patient use only. By sharing electrodes, you are subjected to cross contamination.

All electrodes are disposable and should be discarded if compromised, and be replaced with a new set. We design our products for reuse as long as there is proper care of the electrode and the skin where it is applied during treatment. However, with reuse, the risk of contamination increases with each application. Each time an electrode is removed, it lifts off dirt and skin debris, which in turn are absorbed by the gel. To maintain optimal hygiene you would want to change electrodes when they become contaminated in this fashion. The pH of our gel is controlled at a level to prevent the spontaneous growth of molds. However, if used in a spore rich environment, it is possible to overwhelm this mold growth control feature of the gel.

Is the gel hypoallergenic?

The definition of hypoallergenic is "less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other comparable goods." There is no scientific formula to measure or test this so our gel is not labeled as hypoallergenic.

Do your products contain latex?

All products by Axelgaard Manufacturing are latex free. We do not use latex of any kind in the electrodes we manufacture or in the packaging.

How do I remove an electrode from the skin?

Always lift electrodes at their edge. Never lift by the leadwire.

Can I use hot or cold packs?

Use of hot or cold packs for long periods of time can cause adhesive separation.

Where are your electrodes made?

All of our products are made in the USA.