Axelgaard offers a wide range of premier electrodes and hydrogels, as well as custom and specialty items. Each product is made following our core values of quality, innovation, and value. We are committed to providing the highest quality of products and customer service.

All products are manufactured in the United States and sold throughout the world. Our patented technologies and high quality standards ensure lot-to-lot consistency in all of our world-renowned products.


Axelgaard manufactures a wide variety of electrodes for use in various applications such as neurostimulation, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy. We offer a full range of electrodes in assorted shapes, sizes, and configurations, as well as a variety of fabric tops and hydrogels.


Neurostimulation electrodes


Silver printed patterns control electrical current


Quality materials and stimulation, affordable cost


Buffered iontophoresis treatment kit

Little PALS®

Neonatal electrodes for ECG and EMG


AmGel® Hydrogels

Axelgaard manufactures AmGel® hydrogels in bulk rolls for a variety of applications such as sensing, stimulation, skin & wound care, defibrillation and surgical grounding pads, fixation, and custom formulations.

Our patented multi-layer adhesive hydrogel construction eliminates the performance problems associated with single-layer hydrogels. This multi-layer approach ensures maximum durability, longevity, and performance.

These hydrogels excel in a wide variety of uses from cosmetic dermal fasteners to monitoring vitals in ECG applications. Information on product specifications and downloadable informational PDFs are available on individual product pages.

As a custom service, we offer hydrogel slitting capabilities to address individual customer needs. The minimum slit width is 0.75" (2 cm).

AG500 Series
Dermal fastener hydrogels for surface adhesion
AG600 Series
Sensing hydrogels for monitoring applications
AG700 Series
Stimulating hydrogels for use with conductive films
AG800 Series
Buffered hydrogels for iontophoresis use
AG900 Series
Anti-corrosive grounding hydrogels
AG2500 Series
Premium Multi-Use hydrogel of various thicknesses

Customized Gels & Specialty Products

Axelgaard offers a variety of customizations such as specialty products and private label packaging. We provide custom manufacturing solutions to meet the specific needs and applications of our customers.

Specialty products we have helped create include:

  • Medical tapes and adhesives for various hospital and care center uses
  • Standard or custom formulated hydrogel pads for cosmetics products
  • Soothing adhesive pads for breastfeeding mothers
  • Wound care pads with healing and antimicrobial properties
  • Sensing gel for wearable mobile health without straps or wires
  • Hydrogel pads for attaching devices to surfaces in extreme military environments

Our private label packaging allows customers to display names or logos on their custom designed products. We can also assist with the design of custom package layouts to fit the needs of unique specifications.

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