UltraStim® Snap

UltraStim® Snap patented current controlling neurostimulation electrodes distribute current as evenly and comfortably as the UltraStim® Wire product line through the use of a snap connector rather than a lead wire. The bottom snap is scientifically chosen to match impedance in the entire system to provide even current distribution across the surface, even with a snap. The proprietary silver grid pattern is specially calculated to precisely control electrical current over the electrode surface, while the border around the grid pattern allows for an intentional current roll off to eliminate edge stinging. Utilizing Axelgaard’s patented multi-layer MultiStick® hydrogel eliminates performance problems associated with electrodes featuring single-layer gels.

Safety Data Sheet - SDS

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Available Size and Shape Options
SN2020Square ElectrodeSquare2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm)41040
SN2040Single Snap, Rectangle ElectrodeSingle Snap, Rectangle2" x 4" (5cm x 10cm)41040
SN2040-DDual Snap, Rectangle ElectrodeDual Snap, Rectangle2" x 4" (5cm x 10cm)21020
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