Axelgaard manufactures a full line of AmGel hydrogels in bulk rolls for a variety of applications - such as sensing, stimulation, skin & wound care, defib & surgical grounding pads, fixation, and custom formulations.


Patented multi-layer adhesive hydrogel eliminates the performance problems associated with single-layer hydrogels. This multi-layer approach ensures maximum durability, longevity, and performance.


AmGel hydrogels can excel in a wide variety of uses from cosmetic dermal fasteners to monitoring vitals in ECG applications. Each gel series achieves a specially formulated purpose and further information such as product specifications and downloadable information PDFs are available on the product pages

AG500 Series

AG500 series dermal fastener hydrogels are designed for a variety of surface adhesion uses such as wound pads, cosmetics, breaching, and more. Whether to skin or another surface, AG500 hydrogels are capable of adhering multiple times.

AG600 Series

AG600 series sensing hydrogels are formulated for monitoring applications such as electrocardiogram ECG, electromyogram (EMG), or other health and wellness and neonatal monitoring. The AG600 series offer an excellent skin interface solution with the ability to adhere multiple times.

AG700 Series

AG700 series stimulating hydrogels are designed for use with conductive films for TENS and muscle stimulation. The AG700 hydrogels are trusted worldwide for their patented dual layer formulation to adhere repeatedly to skin and superior bonding to substrate. Neurostimulation electrodes made with AG700 hydrogels are the gold standard due to the ability to be reused multiple times on the skin.

AG800 Series

AG800 series buffered hydrogels offer a distinct buffer technology for iontophoresis electrodes. This series hydrogel are designed to prevent skin irritation or burns.

AG900 Series

AG900 grounding hydrogels are formulated with anti-corrosive properties for use with aluminum in high frequency grounding pads.

AG2500 Series

AG2500 series hydrogels are superior quality gels which fit a variety of uses. The varying thicknesses offered may be used for sensing, stimulating, or fastening. This gel has many applications which include health monitoring, neurostimulation electrodes, breaching, and cosmetics.

Hydrogels custom slit to suit your specific requirements.

As a custom service, Axelgaard offers hydrogel slitting capabilities to suit customers’ specific requirements. The minimum slit width is 0.75" (2 cm).

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