With a commitment to researching and developing the most comfortable and effective electrode designs in the industry, Axelgaard Manufacturing Co., Ltd has become the world leader in the manufacture of neurostimulation electrodes and components. We offer a variety of electrode designs in assorted shapes, configurations, and sizes to suit every need in the electrotherapy market by incorporating the latest in materials and technology. From raw material inspection to final product release, continuous process control assures lot-to-lot consistency in every product we produce.


PALS® neurostimulation electrodes provide the ultimate in conformity and even current distribution.


UltraStim® electrodes feature silver printed grid patterns designed to evenly control electrical current.


ValuTrode® electrodes combine quality materials and comfortable stimulation with affordable pricing.


EconoStim® electrodes feature NEW EconoStick® hydrogel, which is a thinner version of Axelgaard’s world renowned patented MultiStick® hydrogel.


Ionto480® buffered iontophoresis electrode treatment kit provides optimum comfort during treatment.


Little PALS® patented neonatal electrodes provide adhesion and sensitivity to ECG and EMG applications.

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