ValuTrode® Lite

ValuTrode® Lite neurostimulation electrodes provide the ultimate in conformability with an ultra-thin, economical, conductive film electrode. ValuTrode® Lite’s low-profile design maximizes flexibility and allows the electrode to conform to all body contours. These electrodes feature an innovative anti-lift adhesive safety border that gently adheres to the skin to reduce stinging, edge biting, and roll ups. Even though ValuTrode® Lite is Axelgaard’s most economical electrode, this product line utilizes Axelgaard’s advanced MultiStick® hydrogel, which is electrically matched to the conductive film for stimulation comfort. In addition, custom white cloth, white foam, and tan cloth tops are also available by special order.

Safety Data Sheet - SDS

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Available Size and Shape Options
VL4545Square ElectrodeSquare2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm)41040
VL4595Rectangle ElectrodeRectangle2" x 4" (5cm x 10cm)41040
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